Cabin-air Filters


SOFIMA Filter cabin filters are designed for the air-conditioning systems of the latest vehicles and guarantee optimum driving comfort. Only clean air inside the passenger compartment, thanks to non-woven fabric materials or the combined use with active carbons that hold back dust, pollen, odours and harmful emissions. Over 520 references in the catalogue, covering 98.5% of the European car fleet. 60% of the SOFIMA Filter range is made up of anti-pollen filters produced with a non-woven fabric synthetic material that can hold back over 90% of particles with a diameter greater than 2.5 μm, like dirt and pollen. The other 40% are filters made of a filtering non-woven fabric combined with active carbons, that prevent even smaller particles (from 0.01 to 2 μm – gases, bacteria, fungi, odours) from penetrating into the passenger compartment, thereby guaranteeing optimum comfort.